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Monday, June 6, 2016

Streamlining Your Blog Content

There's a lot that you can write on a blog. Whether it's fashion tips or gadgets, the content is endless. But what makes people come back? What makes SEO friendly blog?

Well, heck if know. If I'd known, this would have been an awesome blog making me lots of money. Instead all I am left with is this mess of what could have been.

What I've gathered over the past few weeks are just a bit of advice for the aspiring blog writer, streamline your blog.
Write about something that people need to know. It can be recipes, gadgets or the news.

Mind you if you're gonna write about the news, don't just be reporting it, have something to say as well. If you have an idea, even if it's controversial, just say it.

If you're writing about your life, lemme tell you a little secret, no one really cares. There will be a few lucky sods that are able to make people come back while writing about trips to the mall. However, chances are you're not going to be one of them. So it's best to chuck that idea out the window.

I've tried to be an Renaissance man, and write whatever I can in this blog, but that's not how it is supposed to be. I have decided to streamline this blog towards, money.

Money talks for the common man. My venture to be a millionaire. Let's see how it goes

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