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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why I Quit MMA

        They say MMA is the true test of being a man, the one true sport. All that training, dieting and sacrifice, all to go for 15 minutes in the cage and duke it out. MMA is about respect, you win, you earn it, if you lose, respect is taken from you. However, what comes after MMA? What comes after those 15 minutes of blood and glory is a whole different story.

         I began training MMA in the year 2013. I saw a fight on the tele, and thought it was the most awesome thing I have ever seen. I was shadow boxing every where I went, watching youtube videos before I finally signed up at a fight gym. Back in 2013 there weren't many gyms, and I ended up going to the most commercialized gym at the time called Muayfit. I began training regularly, an hour and a half of muaythai everyday for a month, then some friends got me into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Unlike other people. I didn't fall in love with BJJ instantly as many others would say. I did not see the practicality of it. Boy was I wrong.
        Fast forward 6 months, there was a competition, MIMMA and I wanted to join. So, the senior members of the gym thought that I should compete in a smaller arena first. Comes F3. The name of the promotion is F3, I'm not sure what it stands for, but I joined it anyway. I fought once there and realized I wasn't really good.
       I waited another 6 months and got a second fight with a seasoned opponent. That was the fight that I could say I was proud off. Hard fought fight, and we tried to rip each other's heads off. I got the guillotine again, and got my hand raised.

        But after all that, and a total of RM 500 purse money, I started to realize that I didn't have the time for it. It was affecting my studies, and I was studying to become a doctor. A doctor uses his mind for his job, and MMA, with each blow, was weakening it. I got really forgetful, I stuttered alot, and forgot names. I mean, this was only temporary, as I got better as time not training went by.

        MMA is great to watch but unless you're really serious about fighting, don't pursue it. You can train for fitness, for being cool or whatever you want. What's important about MMA is the discipline and the knowledge that it bestows to you. Not to mention, the friends you make along the way. So keep training, but just don't get hurt. Your mother wouldn't want to watch you get hurt.

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