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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Relationship Goals.

(This was a post I put up on Valentines Day 2016. Right now, the missus is in Myanmar and I miss her, so I'm dedicating this post to her) 

Okay, it's a day before OSCE, and this post for all intents and purposes, is not for the usual "jealousy inducing", "image crafting" and whatever reason people post things for. I genuinely wanna do this. gonna be a long read but i am waiting for my OSCE partner to finish showering before we begin last minute practice (we've practiced all week, but last minute is WHERE YOU LEARN!) but hope anyone who reads this can get a good laugh as well.
So 5 years ago, this girl came into my life and used the excuse "Eh, ah boy, it's my birthday. Gimme present." Seeing as I was really high class with good hair, i just said "Well ma'am, you can have my calculator" I gave her my good calculator...the most advanced (for it's time) just because her calculator was the epitome of obsolete...well technically it was. I mean, she might as well had used a watch calculator for maths then! Wait, for those of you who think we're cheating in math class, using calculators, this is the type of math with the letters in them. I never understood how to do it...I can't even add things up without a pen and paper. Thank God I passed with....flying beige.
Then we became friends in math class. Where together we managed to show our teacher, Miss Goh, what the true meaning of extremes of marks are. She was getting 100 for math and i was getting close to zero. But i digress. We were a team. Without her, i would have never been able to copy her work and get a meager 40 on each mini test (i think 40 is good right? less than half but more than 39!) but we got together, cause I had the hair of a vcd seller and she had...hair. I was pretty stupid during A Levels; my former classmates and lecturers are probably laughing, "Hahahahahha....so true."; but she helped me in my time of need, she managed to give me all the resources imaginable...to help me get the bare minimum. That's love for you right there.
Ever since then we were a team. I may have decided to go to IMU and do local (more like forced) and she went on to the place where people drink tea in the day for sophistication and beer at night to negate any form of sophistication they had over day. That mystical land was called, England. More specifically she went to Manchester. The land of the most amazing football team, Manchester United...and their little brother Manchester City (suck it, James).
This is where things get hard. Life got hard. I was struggling in med school cause I was always destined for the opposite of greatness and she's learned that she's no longer the alpha dog in terms of academics (there's almost no math in medicine, unless a patient loses a limb and you get only one arm and two legs...i think). Communication was difficult as I've tried to deal with the stress of lecturers telling me what I already know ("you damn stupid la Aaron") and her hectic schedule of studying, working, basketball and dancing. I myself decided to take up MMA and rake up a record of 2-0 (thank you, thank you) which made me a huge asshole. But it was tough being together. You know, cause of the distance and lack of communication. Not cause I'm an asshole (snickers).
But you see, I wouldn't have it any other way. We are stronger than ever now. We have been to hell, snapped a picture and come back. We have argued over small things like "Aaron, why are you on your phone now." to "Su Myat Noe, stop asking me to be more responsible! Waking up at 4 pm is perfectly normal." as well as big things like money "Dear, were you only going to tip our tour guide who took us ALL the way up the highlands 2 pounds!?". Not to mention the big R word....she's buddhist, and i worship the one and true mighty God. Along with Joseph Smith....and at times the cast of Les Miserables.
However, after all we've been through (which is a lot. try a long distance relationship and tell me you're the best couple in the world.) I am so happy with you. I still am. I cannot contain how happy I am. We are a team now. When we do argue which is not a lot it's none of those "Aiya, f word you la." or "get out of my car! I hate you". I mean, she is so supportive, she'd support me do anything I want. If I quit medicine (mom don't worry, I won't) she'd support me and let me do something else. We now know we're in this for the long haul. Very long. I love you for who you are, you are very mature for your age...like an old lady...and i like that. We never claimed to the world that we're the best couple, cause there is no such thing. It's a story, and every couple will have their own. She once asked me what was my ambition, and all I could say was "to have a family" . I know I want it to be with you. With Aaron Junior, Myat Junior and Steve. I want to make you happy for the rest of my life, which might not be long due to my eating habits and propensity to do stupid things...like not tap out to a bow and arrow choke.
I may have been busy the past 2 months, and i thank you for understanding. Cause I don't wanna fail a second time!
Love you dear. Myat Noe
"And remember, the truth that once was spoken. To love another person is to see the face of God"
-Epilogue from Les Miserable The Musical
(sounds like it's from the bible...it's not)

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