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Monday, May 30, 2016

Proofreading:: Why Malaysian Students Need It.

I've got another proofreading job. This time, I made 49 ringgit. Proofreading can be easy if you set your mind to it.

I did this proofreading job, just by sitting on the can, with my laptop on the lap and just got round to proofreading.

By the way, if you need some proofreading work done, you can always visit this very awesome company, Proofreaders United and ask for Aaron Yee to handle all of your proofreading needs.

How'd I do what I do? Well, I put a whole lot of time studying, and reading research papers, that has given me an edge when it comes to correcting and proofreading everyone;s work.

The truth is, Malaysia has a bunch of students in specialist fields of science that can't write a word of English. I know, yes that sounds rude, but it's true as even those who score A+ in their SPM English Examination can't even handle a conversation with someone from an English speaking country. Not to mention, the level of essay writing for English has been consistently low for us all.

I guess we're paying the price of multiculturalism, we speak many languages in Malaysia, we don't just decide on one. We have Malays, Chinese and Indians; and apart from the citizens of Klang Valley, many Malaysians speak their mother tongue and forgo the English Language.

English is important especially in the field of Science and Technology since most of the research papers published these days are in English. If you wanna write a research paper, you're gonna need to have good English...but alas, that is out of our grasp.

So why not enlist the service of a proofreader? Someone who's good in English to help you reach your goal of publishing your paper without the hassle of proofreading it yourself? You provide the content, we'll make sure it's legible.


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