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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MIchael Venom Page: MMA's Hottest Prospect

       As MMA fans we're all used to news about fighters in the UFC, since the UFC monopolizes almost every aspect of Mixed Martial Arts, from acquiring Pride FC, World Extreme Cagefigthing and Strikeforce. They've even secured a deal with FOX, with smaller fight cards playing in on Fox if the card is not deemed "numbered" worthy. Even undercards from the pay-per-view shows are aired on Fox prior to the main card. They've shifted their reality tv show "The Ultimate Fighter" from Spike TV, to Fx, and it's now airing on Fox Sports 1 (to which Spike isn't really happy about). UFC is seeing a lot of success in bringing MMA from its dark days into mainstream media which is good for the sport. So what about shows and fighters that are not affiliated with the UFC?
       Enter Michael "Venom" Page, the Brit. he's so successful he's now called MVP, an abbreviation of his name, fighting in the world's second best promotion, Bellator. Known for his flashy style, this man with an undefeated pro record is all the rage whenever he steps into the cage (can't use the word Octagon, unless it's with the UFC), and fans know exactly who he is. Besides being a brilliant striker, for which he is known for, he has an alright ground game, he's active and successful off his back, kinda reminiscent of Former Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis. Unlike Pettis though, MVP doesn't back pedal towards the fence, no, he is adept in controlling the centre of the cage, making him a force to be reckoned with. Which in contrast is why Pettis has been on a losing streak, Dos Anjos exposed his game to the world, but to the keen eye even in his Gilbert Melendez fight, Pettis was pushed back but silenced his critics after yanking out a guillotine. MVP has a great understanding of distance, whenever he back pedals, unlike Pettis (sorry I'm comparing so much with Pettis) he doesn't want to clinch. He knows his strengths, he's British, he's no wrestler, he back paddles, wades you in, and boom, comes the counter.

        MVP's strengths come from his unpredictability. He dances around the cage and catches his opponents with strikes that they don't see coming amidst the dance. All this dancing reminds me of boxing champion, Prince Naseem, he utilized his dancing to taunt and destroy his opponents. Now, add in kicks from this tae kwan do black belt, and you've got yourself a sight to see. Heck, he won his first pro fight against Ben Dishman via tornado kick. I dunno about you, I first saw the tornado kick from Power Rangers and thought it was the coolest thing I have ever seen, and I got to see that.
        If you're a true fan of MMA, do check his fights out on youtube. What a spectacle. He's got a fight coming up on July 16th against a not yet named opponent. Definitely Bellator's superstar, I don't think he would ever leave Bellator for the UFC. Maybe he might not cut it there, but he's already doing so well under the Bellator banner, being deemed as a "Human Highlight Reel". He's definitely getting paid better than the UFC, I can't imagine why he would ever want to leave. Hopefully he gets a title shot soon.
        For those patient enough, here's a video of his highlights. You just gotta love him!

Thanks for reading. Gotta love such a great fighter.


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