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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

List of Popular Blog Content to Increase Traffic

Hit a bit of a wall, I want to keep this  blog active. I really do, but it's hard to find a niche topic to write about while the world just passes you by. It's is difficult, really is. So, to my readers, that come to this blog because I shamelessly plug it from any social media platform imaginable, google plus is amazing because, it's not really personal, I shared something on sherdog, got loads of negative replies back.

I am not sure what content to put here? If only people will be actiive and help me out next time by commenting! I got a comment bar disqus, the same kind that Sherdog uses! It's better than the one google gives you.

So guys, I just had an epiphany, for those who want a list of stuff they can write down on, for their next post kindly refer to the list I am compiling. Mind you, this is for the casual blogger, not those that represent a coporation. These are the more popular topics, use these topics and the right keywords to increase your traffic. I'm listing them down but I ain't gonna elaborate...much

1.) Fashion, make-up
You can do this even if you're a guy! Make-up should be gender neutral. Women can not wear make up if they want to, and males can wear make up as well! We're moving forward! So, if you're a make up aficionado, go nuts. Share the tips of the trade. Make some money.

2.) Food
Especially baking. If you tape yourself baking or cooking up a recipe ala Buzzfeed style, you can place it on your blog and share the video through many platforms. I've seen people sharing those kinds of videos, where you don't see the chef, instead you see his hand in a sped up video and captions to tell what's going on. For those cooks that're saving family recipes, make some money off it if you're not gonna open a store

3.) How-to
Simple How-to's are great. That's how we get wikihow. They had an MO and went with it. Geniuses. If I had a T.A.R.D.I.S. I would have ventured back in time and stole their idea. But kudos to them. However, if you have been a handy man your whole life, and you know something wikihow doesn't, just write it up yourself. you probably have more experience anyway.

4,) A JourneyI don't mean travels, that one will be my next point, but a journey of your own. Let's say you've got an exam in 11 weeks (oh snap I do!), write up the Journey, let your readers follow you on your journey. Update them, with your accomplishments.

5.) Travelling
By far the most popular. People love new things, and they love new sights. Take a camera, point it at some building and put a caption with an inspiring quote and you get a million views! Seriously, that's the truth, especially if you keep your blog like a diary. Write down the itinerary, what you did and pictures. Really, pictures trump words, proven fact. Thank Instagram

6.) Gaming
This includes unboxing, playing and basically screaming your head off. You'd probably want to monetize this on youtube, but you can put all the other information on a blog. Information fans would like to know, like what kind of platform you\re using, are you still studying, do you like doctor who or how often do you train. Also,you can thank your sponsors on the blog, put it in writing, get the sponsors' names out there. I mean, it does sound like double the effort, but it's double the money.

7.) Sports
Depends on what sport you follow, if you think you can write better than Give Me Sport, go right ahead! There's nothing stopping you, always follow your passion. Also since it's your blog, you can remain biased about whomever you support. You can vent out your frustration about who should get the sack, and if you have enough followers they might resonate with your opinions. Way to go for sports.

8.) Reviews
You could join the pretentious lot and write reviews of films and tv shows...it's really pretentious, but then again it's your blog! You answer to NOBODY! But then again, you have to make sure people like your blog...Besides. things from the tv, you can write reviews about your favourite book. Try to be relevant, don't write a review about Happy Days when no one's watching. But guess what? Again! It's you blog!

9.) Yourself
You can write blog post like this, and get people to read your stuff. It baffles me, but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion...I just wished I made her kind of money. Xia xue you're my hero!

       So there you have it! List of popular content you can pick from. These are popular stuff, but don't expect to get rich overnight. There are other factors that prevent you from succeeding, so don't blame me if you're not getting views!

Thanks for reading.


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