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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jack the College Dog

It's been a while since i have posted something on this wasteland of a blog of mine. So far, my life has been pretty eventful (Sitting down and watching family guy and south park on the ol' ipod) and i've made several new friends in college. I believe it was great that i came back to college and got to meet these people (For example Joyce, who has an awesome sense of humour)

Although I've made many new friends (and strengthening old ones) I met this friend who I truly like. His name is Jack.
He's a stray. Jack's not really his name. Just a name that some of the school lecturers and staff calls him. He has a wife named Jill who's most of the time missing.

Jack always sits outside the college in the morning waiting to see that usual students who'll meet him and play with him. He's a a tame dog, a tad bit timid though. He ran away when i dropped my bag.

Nearly every morning, he's the first friend I will greet. And I believe that he is as happy to see me as I am to see him. Sometimes I would bring a snack for him to eat since he looks a little skinny. I do not bring big meals for him because I've seen some of the residents give him rice before and I trust he's being fed. The minute he isn't, I will start bringing some food for him.

Now, why I'm writing this post is because I feel sorry for him. If I could, I would adopt him in a new york minute. But i can't since i already have another large breed in my house and the neighbours would complain. I did think about bringing him to PAWS and hope that he'll find a master who'll adopt him. But I can't bear to split him from Jill. I would bring Jill also but since I rarely see her, that's why...I can't. And places like PAWS, every few years they will have to gas some of their dogs when food is scarce. They do not want to, but procedure has to be carried out and I'm sure in a humane way. (I'm in no way implying that they are bad people), and since jack and jill aren't puppies, it'll be harder for them to get adopted.

It's a hard life for them. Everyday, I see them getting more and more injuries. When old injuries heal, new injuries pop up. Just the other day Jack had an eye problem. He kept it closed the whole time. Jill has a bump on her head that will hurt if someone pressed it down.

Jack and Jill are often chased out by the guards who are under orders to shoo them out. I cannot really blame them since MCKL is a learning institution and people from all over the world (apparently) study there. And we should be considerate towards the muslim people. But the two dogs are smart dogs. They learn not to mess with people who they do not play with. Jack and Jill will play with the students and college staff that treat them well.

I like the both of them. Most probably I feel a friendship with Jack. He most likely does not recognise me to be his master. But every morning when I see him lying down on the road, and he gets up to greet me I feel like he deserves better. When I trained him to sit, I felt a bond being formed. He's a smart dog. He learned that when i have food, i do not want him to jump around hoping to eat, he learned that i want him to sit. And he knows that now. I am so proud of him.

I will miss him when i leave. IF i leave, that is. Because he is a good dog. And the college is his home. Him and Jill. I believe that none of the staff or guards should throw rocks of them to chase them out.

Jack is a good, brave, fun and sometimes greedy dog. He deserves to have a place to sleep. Even if its at the back of the college. Jack and Jill are part of the college experience. Two dirty but friendly dogs who will love you when you give them just one packet of dog treats for a long time.

This post was written in my old blog. about 5 years ago. I just saw it and felt a sorrow. I heard from the college that he fell into a monsoon drain and drowned.

Life isn't fair. It really isn't.

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