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Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Get Your First Job on Proofreading

I have had a proofreading job, last week that was linked to the field of health science. It was an emergency job, but I still charged the client RM 5.00 per page. THerefore  I had only made 63 ringgit. Which is fine, all money is better than no money.

        So, how does one get in the game of proofreading? If you have been grown up reading loads of books, half the battle is won. So then you know how sentence structure is supposed to be like, grammar, vocabulary. Simple stuff. But you have to be familiar with research papers, journal articles and so on. Most people who come to you for proofreading usually want proofreading on their THESIS. It's not going to be correcting storybooks all the time, in fact in my short time as a proofreader, no one has come to me for proofreading on fiction books. Gah, that'd be a blast.

       Next, you have to know the content. If you have a diploma in accounting and then you have to make the jump into health sciences, chances are you're going make a lot of mistakes. If you are a proofreader, and you really want the project I suggest RESEARCH THE CONTENT. Don't go in half cocked, with half an idea and then start correcting words that you don't understand.

Make it easier for yourself, proofreading isn't just about having good english.

So how do you get a job as a proofreader? 

Normally there are just two routes you can take

1.) Depending on where you're from, you can join a company as a proofreader. There you'll join a pool of group readers that take on projects given to you by the company. I now work for Proofreaders United, in Malaysia, and the beauty of joining a company is the fact that you're not out looking for clients. the company does that for you.

The downside is, the company will take a small percentage of your earnings. So, the bigger the project, the more they take. Proofreaders United has a policy of 70/30. If I do a job for a hundred bucks, I can only get 70, which does suck and for those who don't like it you can always.....

2.) Go indie. No, not the music, but be your own man. Go on the web, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Freelancer and start looking for clients. This is tiring, looking for your own clients. First, you don't have the legitimacy of a company, people might not trust you, your clients might not even pay you. However, you create a great business culture, and conduct things professionally you can start building your own clientele.

By proofreading independently, you keep a 100% of your profits and who knows, maybe someday you can even make your own company, by getting your friends to proofread for you.

There are pros and cons to everything. I'd suggest you start working with a company first, where you'll learn the tools of the trade, then branch out. You don't have to leave the company, but you can look for clients on your own via the platforms I had just listed.

Thanks for reading.


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