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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hire Me: proofreaders united

Hello, right now I am studying in the library. Trying to polish up on Opthalmology and reading quite a bit on seizures, and yet I feel kinda restless.
I wanna share with the world, well primarily Malaysia, a service that I can give. And that is with Proofreaders United. I have recently got a job as a proofreader to supplement my earnings while I am studying.
Well, what's Proofreaders United? Well basically, it's a Malaysian based company that aims to ease your coursework and help you hand in your assignments without the grammar mistakes.
You provide the content, we'll provide the rest!
Sure, you're probably reading this entry and think to yourself, "doesn't this blog have plenty of mistakes?"
Well, this is a blog and I am not trying to get everything right. However, on the job, I am meticulous and I will not stop until you get the best work from me
So if you're Malaysian, do visit Proofreaders United and make sure you ask for Aaron Yee (that's me!). No matter what I get my work done on time!
Anyway, I am gonna head to the ward and study my patients.
It's not easy being a medical student but when there's a will, there's a way!

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