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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Google Adsense Won't Accept My Website

Dear Google,

I definitely want to be accepted to make some money, I gotten more than 500 views in 2 days. I blog when I look away from my books, ebooks and studying material. I am definitely an active blogger. I just want a chance, just a chance to make some money on the side.

I am already working 2 jobs, while studying. I had an adult student that flaked on me, so that is RM 20 an hour gone. She originally planned to have 2 lessons with me a week, which you add up goes to RM 40, but her busy schedule as a librarian has just cut my potential RM 40 from my earnings.

I am dirt poor, I may have gotten paid for my tuition job last weekend, but that money was supposed to go to my fixed deposit fund. where I use my money to make more money. So I've just been eating eggs and vegetable for the past 2 weeks. In fact. at times I would take my housemates' food and chow down. Which I definitely will replace by the end of the week.

I know this blog isn't the most popular one in town, but I gotta have a chance to make some money out of this .

I do put original content here, which is so arbitrary that not many people know what this blog is about...I'll tell you what it's about...it's about money!!

I wanna make more money, and let it grow. I wanna be like those other bloggers who write up random things, get thousands of views and get to travel the world. I wanna travel the world too! I wanna be a successful blogger, earn in US Dollars, and head to england.

My girlfriend's in England, and I wanna do right by her. Get enough money to settle down, get married, have kids and use US dollars to bathe my kids with.

I'm sure most of you, want to monetize your blogs. We as a community, the blogging community should help each other out. No. I won't pay anyone to read my blog, that's wrong.

But I hope people can give this blog a chance, and chance to show what it's really made off. Hope that people will actually give the blog a read, tell a friend. You can write in the comments about what a wh*re I am for views, but I don't really care.

I want money, and the money that Google Adsense can give.

I'm not even sure what to put in the labels, I'm not sure how to make this blog likable.

I dunno...

Google, gimme a shot!!

Thanks for reading. This post was just me venting my frustrations about how poor I've been.

Anyone got any ideas about how to make money please send them my way...I'm so desperate for money, that I'm thinking of settling for those "I make RM 800 a day from home!"


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