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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Frustrations with freelancing

Hey, this week I have been in a rut, since my income has been jeopardized. So here are what I've been doing lately.

I've got a job for this company called Proofreaders United, which you can refer to my earlier post about how to get a job there. It's actually pretty easy.

I have been working at a tuition center on the weekends about 3 hours a week. I earn the bulk of my money from there. I do lose about half the money to travelling. But I do love teaching.

Private Tutoring
For about 20 bucks an hour, I tutor the school librarian in the subject of English. Basically, I correct her pronunciation and teach her new words.

Muay Thai
I teach my clinical partner, some muay Thai so that he can build his confidence and protect himself. Not only that, he gets to show off to his girlfriend how cool he is, that he can defend her now and beat people up. Sure hope it doesn't come to that.

So why am I frustrated

1.) My tuition time got cut in half. The kids, are busy this month and won't be coming in for public speaking class. This cuts out 90 bucks from my pay check this week, and I have to work on Saturdays and Sundays now, and I have to travel twice a week. Sure I only spend an hour teaching a day, but now I have to travel twice. And I will only be profiting about 40 bucks. I mean, all kinds of money is good but don't you want more?

2.) Proofreading isn't easy. I mean, the act of proofreading is, but getting clients to choose me is difficult, especially when the client pool is small and clients that stand me up. I had this client that needed urgent help with her thesis, I sent a quotation of RM 5 per page with a turnaround of 24 hours, and waited for her reply. I stayed up late, expecting to pull an all nighter, but she never got back to me. That's frustrating isn't it? Jesus, have a bit of consideration for the man who was willing to work for 5 bucks a page! My boss said the rates were too cheap! She basically had a bargain!

3.) My muay Thai student is supposed to have two lessons a week, which means I will get 10 bucks just off muay Thai. But he decides to make it one hour a week cause he doesn't know how to manage his money. He won't learn quickly enough, and he'd probably forget the lesson from the previous week. I know how hard is it to save money, but dude, RM 5 ringgit an hour for muay Thai lessons is a steal! He's basically robbing me. I know instructors that teach one on one for 30 bucks an hour, and that's the cheapest that they can do.

This month I will probably make about 600 bucks, which definitely isn't enough. I really want to open a fixed deposit soon, and let that money grow.

I'm not even sure I will still be employed at the tuition centre next month. This level of uncertainty scares me.

I'm gonna drown my self in my gynaecology text book.

Hopefully my membership at freelancer will help me get some jobs from the west, and make some foreign money. I can work for peanuts and the exchange rate will make me a king!!

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