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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Evidence Based Medicine: Free Marks In Exams.

For any of your who are medical students, you should know that Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) plays a role in helping you score marks during the exam. Usually, for students in International Medical University (IMU), it ALWAYS comes out during the OSPE paper. It is 10 marks in total, and it can be either the easiest 10 marks to gain or lose. It all depends on whether you apply yourself.

First off, to many 3rd years and 4th years, the very mention of EBM send shivers down their spine. Really it shouldn't. Don't be afraid of such a trivial thing.

Just remember, DEFINITIONS!

Remember the definition for every type of study there are. Cross sectional, randomised control trial, meta analysis and so on.

Once you have memorised the definitions by heart, half the battle is won. HALF!

Then there is the calculations, if you remember the calculations, it's the other half of the battle won.

And you get an easy 10 marks! That 10 marks can be a deciding factor between a pass and a fail, trust me it was when I sat for my finals last year. I didn't know how to do it, and I was told that I had failed the paper by just 4 points. And if I had passed that paper I wouldn't have to resit my exams and I'd be making money in Johor instead!

This is only part one of the post. Frankly speaking, I have spent much too much time blogging and promoting it that I have had only studied a single topic and it was just fever. I am reading articles that my lecturer had passed to me. Such a nice lady, with her help, I think I'd be really good at paediatrics, but alas, the posting is coming to a close. I will be starting O&G very soon.

Okay, seriously, I am off to study! STUDY EVERYTHING!!!! Make sure that I am prepared! I got loads of material to read from anyway. Maybe then I will stumble across anything to do with epidemiology and write everything here. I am going to do it, just so you can read it yourself and so that I can consolidate my learning. Get 10 marks for free!

So remember guys, EBM is easy.

The next post will be me, writing about it. It's not going to be written in the style of a text book. It'll be written in such a way, it'll help your thought processing. So do stick around yeah?


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